Letter: Alaska doesn’t need more background checks for guns

I have a different view of Stephan Paliwoda’s opinion about shaming Murkowski and Begich for “turning their backs on the people of Alaska” (Letters, April 25). I totally support Murkowski and Begich for voting against allowing more background checks when buying a gun.

I’m not sure if Stephan Paliwoda owns a gun, but I assume not because he  would know that there is already an extensive background check done when you purchase a gun. 

You can’t just go into any store and buy a gun without filling out tedious paperwork and getting a background check. 

You can’t walk out of that store without it being confirmed that you are legally able to purchase a firearm. 

Sometimes it takes hours and possibly days to get the approval to pick up your gun.

Our system in place works already, and even if we were to change it, that won’t change criminals from getting their hands on a gun. 

People of Alaska, take time to thank Murkowski and Begich for protecting our Second Amendment rights!

— Katie Freeman