Letter: Murkowski, Begich voted right on background checks

As a gun owner and Alaskan I applaud Sens. Murkowski and Begich for voting against the gun bill. I had contacted both senators expressing my concerns and asking for them to vote against the bill.

If you believe the full page ad in Wednesday’s sports section on page B-5, 91 percent of voters support background checks. I think that the real truth is 91 percent of Democratic voters support background checks. Or at least the 54 people whose names appear in the ad.

The cited poll at the bottom states that 1,711 registered voters were polled and that is where the 91 percent came from. 

I think you need to ask where was this poll taken and what was asked. I say this is way too small a group to get a good sampling and we don’t know if this was a national poll. 

Sen. Begich, stand your ground and vote the way your constituents have asked you to vote.

— Steve Marineau