Letter: Ashamed of Begich’s gun vote

No outside organization had to contact me to get me to write Mark Begich and tell him how ashamed I was of his vote on background checks. All it shows me is what I used to defend him on, that Mark is all about the politics of re-election.

What was he supposed to do, John Havelock asks, being from Alaska? How about having a basic moral compass that knows it’s an important starting place, that it won’t take my family’s hunting or self-protection guns away.

I am ashamed that Alaska is viewed this way and ashamed of all the Alaskans who won’t take the time to stand up for what they know is right. Background checks won’t make a difference? Give me a break. If it saves one person from a gun death it makes a difference.

I’m not usually a one issue voter, but Mark lost me for good on this one because he lost all my respect.

— Sandra Allen