Letter: Begich’s vote to protect gun ownership was the correct move

On April 24, ADN ran a full page add that berated Senator Begich for his vote to protect gun ownership. His vote was the right vote and he stood up against an attack on our Second Amendment rights. I applaud Sen. Begich for his vote. 

If those who oppose the senator’s vote would only put equal effort into making sure existing laws were enforced then we would see some true benefit toward resolving gun violence. 

Associating the legal ownership of guns with the illegal use of guns is wrong, but it frequently occurs. I fully support a woman’s right to choose when her health is in question. But allowing abortion on demand is wrong, yet it is supported by many who oppose gun ownership. The womb has evolved into the world’s largest unrestricted killing ground. 

I will gain respect for the Second Amendment opposition when I see them openly stand up for the right of the unborn to taste a bit of the life that our creator had reserved for them. 

— Ron Siebels