Letter: Response, action of Chugiak volunteer firefighters appreciated

On the day of the memorials for those who died fighting the fire at the plant in West, Texas, we had extra reason to thank these types of volunteers. A chimney fire in our house in Chugiak was seen by a neighbor who called 911. In short order the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department arrived and extinguished this fire before it spread to the structure and turned tragic. When my fire extinguisher did not work they used theirs. After the fire was out one of them returned with a new fire extinguisher, two new smoke alarms and a new carbon monoxide detector.

 They even had me use their thermal scanning device to see the fire was out. The few warm spots left were just denser metal around the stovepipe but were cool enough to actually touch. My sincere thanks for their help and their generosity in giving their time.

— Will Brown