Letter: Is reverence for spirituality based in any way on race or ethnicity?

I have lived in Alaska for 50 years, and our family and extended family plan our year around the hunting and fishing seasons. A successful season is celebrated and is part of our culture in celebrating life and cherishing the bounty of the land.

We depend on the red meat and fish of Alaska to provide for our family. If we had to purchase either it would be considered an inferior food, in our inherited culture, deriving from Alaska, and other states/countries of our ancestors. It is a spiritual fulfillment. This gift is not exclusive to any race or ethnicity. We all have to follow the law that protects this cherished and respected part of our life.

I am Caucasian. Does this change my reverence to my spirituality on hunting and fishing? Can one man judge or interpret the law based on race or ethnicity?

— Linda Compton