Letter: Still waiting for details on how Pebble mine can be made safe

Surprise, surprise. In Saturday’s ADN story about the EPA’s  analysis of a potential Pebble mine to adjacent salmon habitat, the paper quotes Pebble Partnership’s CEO John Shively as saying (best understood in a high pitched whine), “it seems the EPA has not changed its deeply flawed approach of creating and evaluating a completely hypothetical mine plan, instead of waiting for a real, detailed mine plan.”

Please note that Mr. Shively provides no information on what his highly detailed plan might include, or how EPA’s “hypothetical” plan, based on current, state-of-the-art mining procedures, differs from whatever Pebble Partnership might have in mind. 

It appears that after years and years of study, Mr. Shively’s major contribution now is to continue whining. Does Mr. Shively have anything real to say about what Pebble Partnership is planning? Something with actual details? We are all waiting.

— Dave Blachet