Interior farmer hopes to rebuild after barn fire kills almost all her livestock

A barn fire April 20 at Triple McLean Farms near Delta Junction killed hundreds of hens, ducks, geese and turkeys as well as feed stocks, tools and a laptop computer. Nothing was insured, reports KUAC.


Brandy McLean says she’s determined to stay in business – but she could use some help. ... McLean built the barn with her own money, and some donated by her parents. She’s been raising chickens for about eight years now, and has operated the Triple McLean Farms, just outside of Delta, for about 12 years, with the help of mainly her two sons, 8-year-old Codey, and Morgen, age 13.


She’s a woman of slight stature, 37 years of age, and she’s obviously a tough and dedicated farmer who’s determined to stay in business. But the barn wasn’t insured, and she must build a new one. So she’s asking for help, in the form of donations – cash, tools, feed, all the stuff needed to run a farm. "I hate asking for help ... but this is how I raise my kids." 

The fire may have been sparked by a short circuit in an extension cord or a lamped knocked over by a chicken, McLean says. She is accepting donations at her ReCoop website. Read more.