Letter: Review objective data on ACES

Objective data on how well Alaska’s fiscal terms for oil and gas (ACES) are working can be found in the following publications. The Governor and other oil tax reduction advocates do not want you to read these:

1. Pedro van Meurs, Feb 13-14 2012, “Policy Options for Alaska Oil and Gas,” lba.legis.state.ak.us/pubs/van_meurs_sfc_2-2012_presentation.pdf

2. Oil and Gas Production Tax Status Report to the Legislature, Alaska Department of Revenue, Jan 18, 2011, revenue.state.ak.us/2011 OG Tax Report on Letterhead

3. Alaska’s Oil and Gas Fiscal Regime-A Closer Look from a Global Perspective, revenue.state.ak.us/acloserlook.pdf

— John Beebee