Letter: Obamacare hurts more than it helps, should be revisited

As a longtime health care professional in Alaska, I recently read through more than 2,000 pages of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. In my view, President Obama’s health care law causes more harm than good to the health care profession, and to the economy that sustains it.

Looking back upon the “Obamacare” debate of 2009-10 it is plain to see that this debate was fraught with deceit, hysteria, and haste. “Obamacare” was rammed through a politically vindictive Congress without the honest, open, and sustained debate that such a far-reaching measure should have demanded.

I am proud that Alaska has consistently stood with other states in opposition to the misnamed Affordable Care Act. America must summon the courage to revisit this important issue.

— August Cisar