Letter: Key to solving health care woes is coming up with flexible solutions

This time I agree with Shannyn Moore in her rant about “Health care cost strangles Alaskans” (April 28). Yes, everybody should have access to good health care at a reasonable cost. Health insurance should be affordable, but it’s not. Obamacare is anything but affordable.

 So how can we get there? That’s the problem. There are good health insurance policies available, but Alaska legislators and the U.S.  Congress have made them illegal. The lawmakers have hung so many mandates on these health policies that they are now unaffordable to anyone with less than the average family income. Sometimes less is just as good as more, especially if you can fit it into your budget.

Let’s encourage everyone to have health insurance by allowing each of us to build our own plan, with less legislative interference. We get that at the grocery store and when we buy a car. It can be done. The key to the solution is flexibility and choice. The answer is right in front of us.

— David Frazier