Man with BB gun subdued with nonlethal weapons, police say

Casey Grove

Anchorage police officers subdued and arrested a drunk man wielding a BB gun Wednesday in Spenard after he threatened to kill cats, dogs and babies, according to misdemeanor charges filed in court Thursday.

The officers fired three 40 mm foam projectiles at the man, 52-year-old Rodney Casey Humphrey, and shocked the uncooperative man with a Taser before arresting him, police said in a written statement.

Here is what happened, according to the charges:

One of Humphrey's family members dialed 911 just before 4 p.m. Wednesday saying Humphrey was drunk and violating his probation. The caller said Humphrey "was going to kill cats and dogs and that he wanted to kill babies," the charges say.

Police drove to Humphrey's house at 2925 Will Rogers Place and found him hiding behind a tree with what looked like a pistol and a rifle. He refused to drop the guns, even after the officers warned him they would have to use the nonlethal, so-called "shot bags." The officers hit Humphrey with three projectiles. He dropped the rifle and started walking away, again ignoring their commands. Police shocked Humphrey and arrested him, the charges say.

"The rifle Humphrey was carrying was actually a BB Gun. The other item was a silver tool that looks like the handle of a pistol," the charges say. "One family member told police that Humphrey has previously threatened to pull out these items and the cops would shoot him."

Medics checked Humphrey, the officers arrested him and city prosecutors charged him with violating his probation and resisting arrest, police said.

He was set to appear in court and enter his initial plea Thursday. Humphrey was not present for the arraignment hearing, said a city prosecutor, who did not know why he was not there.


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