What's that hideous smell in the Homer air this spring?

The Homer News asked its Facebook followers for opinions on what's causing an unusual odor across the city this spring and got responses ranging from dog poop to "city council." City public works officials haven't been able to clear the air either.

If the print edition of today’s Homer News had scratch ’n’ sniff ink, an eau de Homer this spring would have a recipe like this:

• Start with a generous dose of wet dog;

• Add a sprinkle of sewage sludge;

• Toss in a dead sea otter;

• Throw in that yucky black stuff at the bottom of an unturned compost heap;

• Marinade in fresh horse manure, and

• Let stand in a sealed 5-gallon bucket.

Open the bucket a week later, take a deep whiff and prepare to gag. That’s something like what locals have reported smelling this spring all around town.

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