Letter: Conoco had unfair advantage in ad battle over Alaska oil, gas

With Gov. Parnell gaining legislation that benefits his former employer, perhaps now we won’t have to watch all those Conoco ads. It would have been nice, though, if we had been able to witness a fair advertising fight and have some support to save ACES. Unfortunately, there has been no big money on ACES side to do that like the Bristol Bay supporters have against Pebble.

It’s too late to try to get the protections of the Alaska Consumer Protection Act prohibiting deceptive and misleading practices in advertising. We can only grimace at Conoco’s “Alaska’s Oil and Gas Company”— that little possessive apostrophe making it seem like Conoco is indeed “ours” when there’s no “ours” about it at all. Alaska doesn’t have an oil or gas company. It has oil, and there are many companies around. And you gotta admit it would have been a nice touch if their “our” oil company was actually based in Alaska.

A more truthful slogan, which the state should adopt, is “Alaska — Conoco’s Oil and Gas Colony.”

— Tony Tengs