Letter: Senators voted wrong way

I believe our senators voted against the firearm background legislation because they listened to the wrong constituency —  the very vocal fringe element. I also believe the vast majority of Alaskans are in favor of not only background checks but also a ban on weapons of war (assault weapons) and a limit on the size of ammunition clips. Unfortunately, they don’t make their opinions known to our elected officials.

I called both Sens. Begich and Murkowski to express the opinions of me and my husband (a gun owner). I felt their written responses were not only insensitive but condescending. They touted their commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights. The legislation had absolutely nothing to do with the Second Amendment. Individuals buying guns at stores and from other licensed dealers already have to submit to the checks. It is only reasonable to have those checks for gun shows and Internet sales.

As parents, the vote must have been difficult for our senators. Sadly, thinking  of the continuation of their political careers, they voted the wrong way.

— Charlene Huhndorf