Letter: Article should have mentioned ML&P doesn’t cost taxpayers

As a firm believer in the power of the printed word, I was disappointed in your published article on May 1 by Rosemary Shinohara. You titled it “Key facts and figures …” Yet nowhere in your article did you mention the fact that the salaries paid to ML&P employees are not paid from general government taxpayer funds but rather by ratepayers. I would consider that a key fact that should be brought out when discussing salaries of firefighters, police officers and other general government workers whose salaries are paid by taxpayers. 

Since ML&P is an “enterprise activity” of the municipality, it is a revenue-generating entity; it does not use general government funds but in fact returns a substantial dividend to the municipality as its owner in addition to providing some of the lowest cost electricity in the state of Alaska. There truly is a difference between employees paid by taxpayer dollars and ratepayer dollars that should be acknowledged in order  to provide clearer information. 

— Doug Hall