Letter: No home is safe without a bomb

In the wake of the Boston Marathon disaster, it’s time for the NRA to step forward with a plan to ensure the availability of personal explosive devices, since, paraphrasing Mr. LaPierre, “the only way to stop a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb.”

As a rather poor shot, I’d feel better about my chances of personal protection against an armed burglar if I were able to just lob a hand grenade to within 10 yards or so of the bad guy. Even a first-grader could take out an armed kook by rolling a PED down the aisle of the classroom.

If the NRA won’t step up, I invite all Americans to join the National Explosives and Rifle Association (NEARA), and sing our theme, “NEARA my God to Thee.” I’m confident we can rely on the support of Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Begich, and Mr. Young, and a majority of the rest of Congress.

— Frank Cahill