Letter: E for Excellence Awards spotlights successful students

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the E for Excellence Awards at East High. This award is given by the teachers each year to students who stand out for excellence in their eyes.

This is not something that students apply for or strive to get. In fact, it seemed to be a complete surprise to all students in attendance. What I loved about this event is that it ran the spectrum from kids being honored for their high academics all the way to simply being such a friendly, happy person that they affected others in a positive way.

Some kids had improved their grades while going through very trying personal times, others saw that peers were struggling and helped motivate or tutor them on their own. It was such an inspiring and wonderful experience for me. In a world where I hear so many negative things about today’s youth, I sat in a room and was surrounded by the future, and from what I saw, the future is bright!

— Jennifer Krieter