Troubled waters a-head: Use the marine toilet, or wear a diaper?

Kenai Peninsula outdoorswoman Christine Cunningham writes of marine toilet lore in The Redoubt Reporter -- inspired by an early-season shakedown outing on a Homer-based fishing charter boat. 

The toilet on Captain’s boat was merely ornamental. That the boat contained an enclosed restroom was an advertised feature. A girlfriend recommended the boat, not for the potential success of the charter or the demeanor of the captain, but for the enclosed toilet. Should anyone aboard the boat make use of the feature, they must do it with skill and diplomacy. The captain had many times instructed guests on the proper use of the head. I’d taken a few notes over the years:

“No butts in head” is not a personality prerequisite for marine toilet use.

“Nothing should go in the toilet that has not gone through a person” does not mean you have to eat toilet paper if you want to use it.

“The water is calling” only refers to fishing, not marine toilets.

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