Friday training talk -- what's up with your pack?

Photo by Mike Lewis

Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks, or bounce a question off the group.

The only training going on last weekend was my Yorkie Jillie training me -- to believe in her.

I begrudgingly entered her in Alaska's second-ever nosework trial when my "star," Eddie, had to withdraw because of leg surgery. She wasn't ready for a trial, I told anyone who cared to listen. She had a ton of bad habits -- and they were all my fault for not putting her through any classes and rushing her training on my own. I entered her more as a joke.

But, never say never, she taught me. Jillie, all 5 1/2 pounds of her, went nose-to-nose with 21 other dogs Sunday, and she walked away with 1 of 6 Nosework 1 titles issued by the National Association of Canine Scent Work in the Chugiak trial hosted by Alaska Dog Sports. She's the fifth Yorkie in the country to title in the four years the sport has been around.

She taught me, once again, never to discount a little dog with determination.

So what's up with your pack?