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See a nasty pothole in Anchorage? Call the hotline

The municipality of Anchorage is asking residents who see hazardous potholes to call the city's Pothole Hotline, 343-6363. The goal is to repair problem potholes within 24 hours of them being reported.

Hitting one of the pits at a high rate of speed can lead to a blowout. This is less of a problem for big and properly inflated tires than for under inflated or low profile ones.

Drivers are asked to watch for crews working to fill the pits and be cautious around them. They are advised to keep a clear view of the road for at least 12 seconds ahead, go through puddles cautiously and observe other vehicles to see if they're swerving or braking.

If a pothole is unavoidable, drivers should not brake but let the front tires roll over the pothole quickly.

Potholes can also be reported online with the Street Maintenance Feedback Form at People who encounter hazardous flooding on the roads should call Street Maintenance at 343-8277.

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