Letter: Our environment is losing out

Our state government boondoggles continue to amaze and history repeats, and repeats... 

What are we doing Alaskans? The Susitna Dam project appears to be a “go” despite a huge constituent outcry. The $4.5 billion expense of this dam could buy every home and building in the state solar panels, solar panel water heaters (and without $gazillions of studies, too!). And have money left over! The abundant natural gas supply in Alaska would supply the heat and electricity needed for those coldest months of N, D, J, F when “infinite and free” solar energy is inadequate. Energy problem solved. But, without the dam the electrical supply for all those proposed environmentally toxic coal mines up and down Cook Inlet can’t be built. Which equates to no money for our politico’s to further corporate interests.

Now, the cerebral powers that be have given away $4.5 billion to the oil companies. We’re up to $9 billion of government efficiency here, folks.

Now the Arctic Ocean resources are up for grabs. The environment is the loser in all theses scenarios except one.

— W. Chris Jones