Letter: Alaskans need to sign petition to put oil tax cut bill to a vote

The column by Paul Jenkins (May 5) is an example of the deluded thinking of the pro-oil groups. Jenkins writes without stating facts yet includes plenty of platitudes. This tax cut was blocked  the first time around by a balanced group of senators who saw there was no return for the state. This tax cut would never have been brought up except that the governor is a former employee of ConocoPhillips. Without gerrymandering of election districts, oil interests would not have had disproportionate influence in the Senate.

Senate Bill 21 passed by two votes. Two senators who voted yes work for ConocoPhillips — a direct conflict of interest.

Furthermore, the bill requires no investment in North Slope oil fields, allowing the money to go to North Dakota, Texas, or any other place in competition with Alaska. This bill will not ensure additional oil flow in the pipeline and restricts competition because the Big Three will benefit from existing production

I encourage people to sign the petition that will put the tax cut bill to a vote.

— John Callahan