Letter: Recall Lindsey Holmes effort getting support of the voters

The recall Lindsey Holmes campaign believes that Rep. Holmes misrepresented herself to voters and to the Division of Elections by campaigning in one party and taking her oath of office in another.

Eight hundred thirty-one signatures in District 19 have been collected as of May 15th. These 831 signatures represents 10 percent of all voters in the November 2012 election and 20 percent of the people who voted for Holmes.

We have encountered overwhelming door to door support, affirming the conclusion that Rep. Holmes’ misrepresentations to her electorate qualify as deception and unfit conduct. Signers of the petition appear to value political and personal integrity.

All types of voters express concern; this process is not a partisan issue. They believe that Holmes is unfit to serve in public office and is subject to a recall vote.

Recall Lindsey Holmes campaign will be collecting more signatures before submitting the final application. Open your door and participate. Tell Rep. Holmes that her neighbors want their vote back. The golden rule prevails everywhere.

— Colleen Murphy