Letter: America can regain leadership position in cutting emissions

In the May 11 ADN, I read how our atmosphere has exceeded 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide, 100 parts higher than any time since the first humans. Wastefully dumping carbon pollution has created an unnatural imbalance in our atmosphere, fueling the crazy weather we see increasing all around us. We can do something about it.

Facing the climate challenge, Germany and China have leapt ahead to become the world market leaders in low-carbon energy. America developed most of these technologies; we can regain our leadership position while greatly cutting carbon emissions.

A revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend is the key to move us there. This free-market tool has been embraced by economists of all stripes, including Reagan Cabinet members George Shultz and Arthur Laffer. A carbon fee gradually levels the playing field by putting a steadily rising price on carbon pollution. All fees are rebated to American citizens, not used by government. By charging a similar fee on imported goods, American exports are protected, too.

With our best efforts, we can replenish and protect the gifts of this blessed creation. 

— George Donart