Letter: Clean water invites fish back

Engine oils, fuels, antifreeze, drugs, and hormones are highly toxic to fish. It is common for boaters to use bilge pumps to constantly pump filthy bilge water from their leaky boats into our rivers, and to urinate into or near rivers. 

Then, they complain that there are no fish, anymore. 

Please, fix all leaks in your boat hulls. Fill trailer boats with fuel and oil on land, when possible. When on water, keep oil absorbent pads handy to catch drips. 

Remember: Full tanks overflow on hot days. So, avoid filling tanks to the top on sunny days. Clean and/or drain your bilge on land far away from waterways, and keep your engine well-tuned. Catch bilge water in a container, and dispose as a hazardous waste. Do not urinate into our rivers, lakes and riverbanks, to avoid pumping your pharmaceuticals, hormones, etc. in there. Please, respect our waters, and do your part to invite our fish back home.

— Daniel N. Russell,