Letter: Alaskans are speaking up for return of KHAR format

I join the many who are mourning the loss of KHAR. As with many things in life its easy to take it for granted that some things will always be there, and a real shock when they are suddenly gone.

I hope advertisers are reading the many letters. A station must make money to stay on the air. KHAR needed more than funeral homes and Viagra commercials to keep it afloat. (Mind you, I’m not proposing dying to keep the station afloat.)

As for faithful listeners, we need to support the businesses that run commercials on our favorite stations. When we visit local businesses, it might be helpful to tell them that we heard about them on KHAR. 

I don’t know if the station owners would reverse their decision to drop such a beloved and timeless format. However, Alaskans have spoken up before and done some amazing things, and the power of many can be mighty impressive.

Just ask Lisa Murkowski.

— Cindy Pendleton