Letter: Muldoon Library policy gives kids free rein on video games

Where are the adults at the Muldoon Library? Who makes policy that 7-year-olds can play video games on library computers? So they can only have the computer for 30 minutes, but four of them each sign up, so then it’s 2 hours. 

Every study shows that video games are bad for kids. 

Does the library allow this to get the head count up so they will not get cut back or closed down? This library has become a virtual video arcade. The computers are hovered over by multitudes of little kids watching other kids playing video games. Head count up? Yep, but where are the adults? 

I want to know who made this policy? Why? Shut them off. Sorry if your head count goes down. You are damaging these kids. Where are the adults who will stand up and say, ‘‘this is bad policy; we must stop it no matter if the head count goes down.”

Shame on all of you “adults.” Take responsibility, stop this madness.

— Barbara L. Despain