Letter: Real scandals in Washington have Republicans to blame


American unemployment continues high, five years after the financial crash. Our infrastructure continues to crumble, while China races into the future and even Japan has realized that, to get out of the doldrums, it has to massively stimulate its economy with infrastructure (and other) government investments.

Meanwhile congressional Republicans continue trying to hobble government, pushing job-killing austerity even in the face of falling budget deficits, while fighting to keep the financial industry unregulated so we can have another crash in the future.

Global warming continues, with human-produced carbon dioxide pushing greenhouse gas levels above all previous records for hundreds of thousands or millions of years — yet virtually nothing is being done to prevent the imminent catastrophe of drastic climate change and related sea-level rise.

Then there’s mass shootings, immigrants who grew up in the U.S. but can’t get citizenship. …

These are all scandals. Benghazi and the IRS? Not so much. The AP, maybe — but who’s usually pushing for crackdowns on leakers (if they’re not the leakers themselves)? Republicans.

— Rick Wicks