Players in the Pebble wars

Bob Gillam

Founder of McKinley Capital Management, an investment firm in Anchorage. He has a big family compound on Lake Clark near the proposed Pebble mine and is a relentless, and wealthy, opponent of the project.

Art Hackney

Anchorage political consultant who, with his wife April, runs Hackney & Hackney. He has worked on pro-business causes and for prominent Republican candidates, including U.S. Rep. Don Young and the late U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, but in 2005 was enlisted to work against the Pebble mine. Hackney has been the leading campaign strategist against it ever since.

Robert Kaplan

Los Angeles-based political consultant whose business, Fund Raising Inc., was hired in 2008 to raise money for a voter clean water initiative targeted at Pebble. He ended up in a contract dispute over pay for that work, sold documents from the anti-Pebble campaign to Pebble, according to an arbitrator, and ended up in bankruptcy.

Allan Kaplan

Robert's brother, helped him negotiate with Pebble.

Ashley Reed

Prominent lobbyist whose clients have included anti-Pebble groups including Alaskans for Bristol Bay Inc. and Alaska Wild Salmon Protection Inc.

Matthew Singer

Lawyer with Jermain Dunnagan & Owens, P.C., who represents the Pebble Partnership. He paid Kaplan for the documents.

Paul Dauphinais

Former college administrator who has been executive director of the Alaska Public Offices Commission since February 2011. Gillam has accused Dauphinais of trying to ruin him.

John Shively

Former state commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources who is chief executive officer of the Pebble Ltd. Partnership. He defends paying $50,000 to document campaign law violations.

Elizabeth Hickerson

The APOC chairwoman who fills one of two designated seats for Democrats on the five-member panel. She is a lawyer. Gillam also accuses Hickerson of targeting him.

Curtis Thayer

Deputy commissioner of the Department of Administration, which oversees the public offices commission. He testified this year in a civil lawsuit brought by Gillam against APOC's Dauphinais and Hickerson.

Thomas Amodio

Lawyer with Reeves Amodio LLC in Anchorage. He has represented mining interests, including the Council of Alaska Producers and Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown, a group that campaigned against the Clean Water initiative. He was approached about buying documents from the Clean Water campaign.

G. Keith Wisot

Retired Los Angeles Superior Court judge who arbitrated the dispute between Kaplan's fundraising business and Clean Water campaign organizers including Hackney. He died in July.