Letter: Truth can prove to be elusive when airing views on oil taxes

Sunday Commissioner Dan Sullivan chose to mislead readers about oil production incentives I and others pushed this session (Compass, May 19). Our proposals required oil investment in Alaska as a condition for reasonable tax breaks. Sunday he sidestepped that fact,  and spun a tale that we promoted the “status quo.”

His job is to cheerlead the governor and GOP’s multibillion-dollar oil giveaway. The biggest part of it unwisely eliminates Alaska’s windfall profits share. That allowed a fair increase in Alaskans’ oil share at high oil prices, when companies rake in massive profits. That elimination gave $1-$2 billion a year in Alaska’s revenue to Exxon, BP and Conoco. It let them spend that money outside Alaska — anywhere in the world.

Democrats, and Republican Sens. Stedman and Stevens, supported effective reform over a giveaway. We agreed at very high prices ACES’ tax rate should be moderated. But SB 21 guarantees deficit spending, and school and construction job cuts. It gives away much more than we’ll ever get.

Truth is important even when it’s not convenient.

— Rep. Les Gara