Letter: We can only hope KHAR outcry will force return to old format

I feel compelled to join the outcry over the loss of our beloved KHAR from adult music standards to CBS sports talk. I was a loyal listener since 1984 and particularly looked forward to the broadcasts of the old radio drama and comedy shows plus “Big Band Jump.”

I am not a fan of talk radio and have no interest in sports, so the new format is a total loss for me and I have programmed my radios off of KHAR. Our only hope is that surveys show decreased listeners and subsequent falling revenues will induce owners to revert KHAR back to its old format. Right now I am listening to 97.3 KOOL.

I am impressed with the outpouring of grief over our loss of the old KHAR and wish our cry could elicit change to bring an adult standard radio format back to Anchorage.

— Geral R. Taft