Letter: Socialized medicine would be better than insurance companies

Do Americans really need medical insurance?

In a recent visit to the Alaska Native Medical Center, I saw no insurance forms, insurance requirements, grieving patients crying over no insurance, and in general a large contingent of patients who had no concept of insurance. I am not Native, but the person I was with is. She need only show up, display her ANMC ID and “God bless you, thank you ma’am, right this way.” Pretty as you please.

It is a very different story when I must “confront” a medical institution, sometimes with my very life in my hands. Why is this? America, the greatest and most powerful nation on the planet has no health care system. Unless, of course, you have insurance!

The most powerful companies in America, housed in huge elegant buildings, home to  rich administrators, are insurance companies. Socialized medicine is very complex, but Canada and many European nations seem to do just fine with it. Not perfect, by any means, but most adequate. So? Do we really need “middle man” medical insurance?

— Wayne C. Jones