Statement from former UAA hockey head coach Dave Shyiak

Statement from former UAA hockey head coach Dave Shyiak:

The events of the past several days have prompted this statement from Dave Shyiak, former coach of the UAA Men’s Ice Hockey Team. The article printed on the front page of the ADN on 5/14/13 appeared in several newspapers and media outlets nationally and internationally. This has resulted in irreparable damages including lost opportunity for coaching positions and having family members experience extreme and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

• It is no secret that following my removal as head coach on 3/29/13 a small group of UAA hockey Alumni and community members have been working to have Athletic Director, Dr. Steve Cobb fired.

• In an apparent effort to discredit Dr. Cobb, a one page statement was drafted, complete with the Seawolf logo, in which an incident of 2 ½ years ago was falsely summarized. The purpose of the statement was to allege that Dr. Cobb covered up the incident although, in reality, the January 11, 2011 incident was investigated by UAA and deemed to be a non-issue

• This statement was e-mailed to members of “The 2013 Class of the University of Anchorage Alaska Men’s Ice Hockey Team” by a hockey alumni and former UAA Assistant Hockey Coach, who suggested the players had a “moral duty” to endorse the claims. Members of the Senior Class refused to sign the statement.

• Subsequently, efforts were made to contact other former players to endorse the statement manufactured for the purpose of obtaining Dr. Cobb’s termination.

Ultimately, former UAA hockey player, Mickey Spencer, issued a letter, repeating much of what was contained in the greatly exaggerated and false statement. The efforts of this small group of Alumni have been horribly misguided. They have damaged my reputation, hurt my family and jeopardized my abilities to obtain new employment. These efforts have also been short sighted and have affected the integrity of the University. One can only imagine what the pool of candidates for new coach must think of these events. The only blessing in this entire ordeal is the overwhelming number of good people in this community, many of whom have contacted me to express their support for me and my family. Thanks, too, to the Seawolf players who, without solicitation, stood tall. I am proud to have coached at UAA for eight seasons, and proud of the fine young men I have coached. For me now, I wish only to clear my name, protect my family, who have been a pillar of strength and support, and to move on with my life.