Arctic Slope Regional Corp. employee summits Mt. Everest

Courtesy ASRC


Mount Everest expedition benefits Boys & Girls Clubs of Alaska, including facility in Barrow


Shortly after sunrise on Monday, May 20 in Nepal, ASRC’s director of communications, Ty Hardt, successfully summited Mount Everest.

In late March Hardt began his expedition, determined to climb the tallest mountain on Earth at an elevation of 29,035 feet. Identifying a need for the children of the North Slope, Ty Hardt is using the climb to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Barrow.

“This has been long awaited and anxiously anticipated. We are so thankful for this part of the journey, and are awaiting his safe return to Anchorage,” said Tara Sweeney, SVP of External Affairs at ASRC. “A member of the ASRC family has literally reached the top of the world!”

Hardt has scaled some of the tallest peaks across the globe – to include Mount Aconcagua (22,837’), three climbs of Denali’s West Buttress (20,320’), Kilimanjaro (19,341’), two trips on Mount Bona (26,421’), and three climbs of Mount Rainier (14,411’) – not to mention various ice routes around Alaska.

The expedition and fundraising effort is called Going to Extremes. You can find more information about their journey at:  


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