Friday training talk: What's up with your pack?

Use this space to discuss training issues -- brag about successes, lament setbacks or bounce a question off the group.

I'll go first:

In our yard, the start of every summer is the same ol' thing: Dogs to the left of us, dogs to the right of us and dogs beneath our feet are barking again. Something about warm weather and good footing brings out the beast in them. 

For my part, I address it each year by not letting it go, ever. If I hear my dog bark, I'm outside with them saying "No" and trying to redirect their attention. If I'm busy, they go in the house. It seems to work for the rest of the summer, but comes back the next.

So what am I doing wrong? My gut feeling is that my attention has turned into more of a scolding -- NO BARK! GET IN THE HOUSE! Etc., etc. I don't employ scolding in other training, so why do I do it with barking?

Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

What's up with your pack?