Letter: Let’s work to make Anchorage a better place for our families

We must teach our families and children about positive healthy relationships. Over the last several months, the commissioners serving on the Anchorage Women’s Commission have been participating in the Anchorage Choose Respect events sponsored by the governor’s office and have heard from several speakers including a speaker from Covenant House about issues facing youths in Anchorage.

We have heard from speakers about foster care, sexual assault, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health and the impact these issues are having on our community. We have pledged to do more to raise awareness about issues facing women and to keep our families healthy. 

We ask for each resident and visitor to Anchorage to do their part to make our city a better place to raise our families. Children need stable placement. For those who can’t stay with family, foster care is a necessary solution. Anchorage needs additional foster homes. May is a month to bring awareness to the issue.

— Anita Halterman

Eagle River