Letter: Who needs jabbering jocks? KHAR is missed

Like others I was dismayed on May 1 when KHAR switched their programming format. I’ve listened to KHAR since Bill Harpel put it first on the air in 1961. And now there isn’t a local replacement for the same easy listening music in Anchorage (KOOL 97.3 isn’t the same).

I did find the same familiar music on several Internet radio stations and will listen to them for now. Even Jeff Rollins, Chick Watkins and the rest of the crew are there.

I will watch a game on the TV or attend a local baseball game or listen to it on the radio but I don’t need some jabbering jocks rehashing it all day long. I’ve de-programmed all of Morris Communication Company’s stations from my radios. Goodbye KHAR and here is a collective Bronx cheer for Morris Communications on their format change.

— Paul Fillmore