Letter: Cleanup should be rescheduled, or at least provide free dumping

I am heartbroken that Spring Cleanup, and specifically the school-based Super Sweeper program, wasn’t rescheduled after Anchorage was buried in a snowstorm on May 4. Our city looks disgusting, and there seems to be no talk of what to do about it.

Couldn’t the city dump give one free pass for up to 10 orange garbage bags to citizens who want to make up that cleanup week that never happened? There should be thousands of unused bags available. If at all affordable, please reschedule free dump pickup points outside our schools, then ask for volunteers to take the bags to the dump. Do something besides just letting the trash biodegrade over the next 20 years.

I, for one, will be out picking up trash with my own bags, hauling them to my car, and adding them to my garbage service over the summer, but I sure think our city government should be helping out.

— Hannah Andrews


Anchorage Daily News