AACCC Adoption of the Week: Meet Sam and Lucky


Here's Anchorage Animal Care and Control's Adoption of the Week, courtesy of Brooke Taylor, AACCC public relations coordinator.


Please meet Sam and Lucky, a pair of Labrador gentlemen looking for a new family together.  They're both very gentle, happy, loving and good-natured guys. They love being around people, are very easy to walk and handle, and want to please. Sam is 8 years old and Lucky is 7 years old.  They have lived together for sometime and would like to stay together.  Pleasant, cheerful fellows who will make a great "instant family"!  They can be adopted for $114 total, as they are both already neutered, which includes both of their MOA dog licenses, vaccinations, and microchips. Call 343-8122 for more information.


Adoption update: Serenity has been adopted :)



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