Alaska Ear: Could be true (6/2/13)

COULD BE TRUE ... At the risk of doing a Lucy-with-the-football, Ear has decided to believe the newly announced date for the premiere of "The Frozen Ground" -- Aug. 23 nationwide, according to Ron Holmstrom, guru of all things theatrical.

Wikipedia says August too.

Ron says it may open in England in July, so the gang of Alaskans who snagged roles in the story about Anchorage serial rapist-murderer Robert Hansen may get a hint of critical reaction before deciding whether to go see it.

The distributor is Lionsgate, the guys who made a bazillion dollars on "The Hunger Games."

OUTSIDE VIEW ... Earwigs looking forward to big noise from the Republican gathering in Homer last weekend were sadly disappointed. A battle was promised between ousted libertarian-leaning dissidents and the establishment guys who have run the party forever.

The situation is too dense to detail, but some of you will remember that Russ Millette and Debbie Brown, elected chair and vice chair at last year's party convention, appealed their getting booted from those jobs.

Not only are some political junkies here following these contretemps, they're watching us from Outside as well:

"WASHINGTON, May 27, 2013 -- The Republican Party of Alaska has become a perfect microcosm for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party today. It has all the problems that have cropped up in other state GOP organizations gathered together in one state and taken to their worst extreme."

We're superlative. Awesome.

Of course, this is from the very conservative Washington Times and the writer, Dave Nalle, is with the Liberty Caucus, which "exists to promote individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party."

SURPRISE ... Earwigs report Sen. Lisa was in Kodiak for two days last weekend and missed the news that Joe Miller plans to run for the Senate again -- this time against Democratic Sen. Mark Begich. Or, more accurately, Miller will try to win the Republican primary so he can run against Begich next November.

No word on Lisa's reaction when she was told the guy who vilified her until she humiliated him with a write-in campaign wants to join her in the world's most exclusive club. Apparently she and Begich were both seen later at the Kodiak Island Brewery, sampling the goods.

ON THE RUN ... Southeast's kid legislator, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who surprised a lot of people by beating Bill Thomas for his Sitka House seat, won another race over the Memorial Day Weekend. He finished first in the Prince of Wales Island Marathon.

Friends say he also recently won a local triathlon.

Darlings, the Divine Appendage accepts that the days of booze bottles on desks and roaches being tossed out windows at the Capitol are long gone. But fit and athletic lawmakers? It's too much to bear.

At 24, JKT, as earwigs refer to him, is the youngest legislator. And he has the longest name.

LA-DI-DAH ... MSNBC wanted Anchorage talk show host Shannyn Moore so badly for their "Up" with Steve Kornacki show Sunday morning they flew her to New York, put her up in a hotel, and provided a limo. Think the Joe Miller candidacy will come up?

A QUESTION ... Why has the Alaska Sports Channel, home of televised local sports (UAA, ASD, AFL, ACS, etc.), decided to add Liberty University sports to its schedule? Liberty is a big Christian university in Virginia.

WRITERS ONLY ... All those writerly earwigs who toil mightily to market their books will appreciate this:

The No. 1 book on the N.Y. Times best-seller list last week was "Dead Ever After," the last of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. These are the novels on which the popular HBO show "True Blood" is based.

Yes, it's vampire trash. And it's No. 1. Get over it.

Anyhow, on page 86, our Louisiana heroine Sookie has a night off from cavorting with the undead and settles down to read:

"I got the top book off the library stack on my bedside table and was pleased to discover it was the latest Dana Stabenow. It's really a treat to read about Alaska when it's a summer day that peaked at 104 degrees."

And, if making Dana happy wasn't enough, Alaska fishing and tourism also got props:

"I hoped that maybe someday I'd get up there. I wanted to see a grizzly bear, and I wanted to see a glacier and I wanted to eat fresh salmon."

Darlings, does free advertising get any better?

SURPRISE ... According to earwigs, it was just another cookie-cutter ceremony Friday as Camp Fire Alaska dedicated a bunch of new stuff, including a dining hall, at its Camp K on Kenai Lake. Festivities included tours, kayak rides for visitors, etc. And the unveiling of a plaque on the new dining hall named after the folks who paid for it -- Rasmuson Hall.

As the plaque was unveiled, someone in the audience said, "Whoa, you screwed up. There's been a mistake." (Or words to that effect).

Everyone froze, especially Camp Fire executive director Barbara Dubovich, who was in charge of the whole deal, including getting the sign right.

A crew then handed her a new sign that said "Dubovich Hall."

Dubovich cried -- after she got her heart started.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey. Message Sheila at 257-4341 or