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Letter: State’s game management program makes no sense

I read last week’s disturbing article on the failed Intensive Game Management law and its implementation by the Department of Fish and Game.

The department reports that its aerial wolf program essentially failed in part of Western Alaska. This must mean, necessarily, that citizens are again relying on a department (and statute) that was recently implemented unsuccessfully — this time to remove as many bears as possible in subunit 19A. And, as an aside, what kind of scientific policy is that? The wholesale effort to take as many of a population as possible — that’s the best policy the department could divine?

But, I’m reminded, even the department doesn’t believe it utilizes actual “science” in its IGM programs. As it writes in its Intensive Management Protocol: “The act of management is not science. Management is a value judgment by decision-making authorities who allocate resources or uses among competing interests …”

Fundamentally, how can the state continue to promote bear viewing during the summer tourist season while simultaneously decimating specific populations in yet another attempt to micromanage what is better left alone?

— State Rep. Andy Josephson