Despite apologies, downtown alehouse remains under fire for ejecting transgender woman

From the Anchorage Press: Almost three weeks after booting a transgender woman from the premises and telling her never to return, a contrite Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse is still on the defensive. Managers say they quickly reached out to MoHagani Magnetek -- not her legal name -- to apologize for the incident, which they say started when customers complained to security that there was a man in the women's restroom. Still, calls for a boycott have been circulating on Facebook.

“This has caused me to have a lot of anxiety,” Magnetek said Monday. “If you have ever been publicly shamed and embarrassed in front of everyone you’d know. It’s not just about being held up and being banned from the bar — all eyes were on me and it was a very traumatic experience, so I have not been sleeping well at all.”

Humpy's --  a sponsor of next week's PrideFest -- called the incident "a one-off situation" that caused staff to make a "poor decision."

“That sucks and we are very sorry for that,” said Dylan Buchholdt. “Moving forward we are going to make damn sure we have a policy that can be a model for any business in town.”

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