Arctic Slope Regional Corporation develops partnerships in New Mexico

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation develops partnerships in New Mexico


 ANCs participate in Developing Tribal Energy Resources & Economies Conference




June 10 – 12, 2013, ASRC will be participating in the first national “Developing Tribal Energy Resources and Economies Conference” hosted by New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) and COTA Holdings, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

An estimated 200 conference attendees comprised of tribal leaders and leaders from business, industry, government, and energy-related agencies will spend two days in Albuquerque discussing the funding of, and opportunities for development on tribal lands, climate change, and fracking, among other tribal energy related topics.

ASRC’s EVP of Lands, Richard Glenn, will be speaking at the Nation to Nation-Building International Partnerships interactive session on Wednesday, June 12th at the Sandia Resort. “Speaking nation to nation regarding energy development is important and in many ways we are walking down the same trail,” said Glenn. “Common experiences, problems, and solutions, once shared just amongst each other, is now another tie that binds us together as Native people.”


In addition to conference participation, ASRC, Cook Inlet Regional Corporation (CIRI) and Doyon, Limited are co-sponsoring the Opening Network Session on June 10th. The three Alaska Native corporations will each have an opportunity to welcome conference attendees and share information with them about their operations.

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