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Letter: How is it that an accused murderer could be released?

I have to agree with William Lewis’s letter (June 7). As a lifelong Anchorage citizen I have to say that it has sadly changed for the worst. How is it that someone of Jerry Active’s past is to be let loose on society to murder? The people who let him out of jail should be held just as responsible for his heinous crimes. He deserves the same fate as those he terrorized.

Anchorage has become more trashy and violent due to the “end of the road” mentality of those who have made this their final place to ruin. In May volunteers were cleaning the streets and they are full of trash again. Why is it that people feel like they can toss their big gulp cups and cigarette butts out their windows?

I do agree with you Mr. Lewis, we need more police officers to protect the people who have put their hard work into this community and more Mao Tosi’s that make this a better planet. Sad it has come to this.

— Liz Bowen