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Letter: New state representative needs to do his homework on bears

Our brand new state representative from Anchorage, Andrew Josephson, is trying to throw mud at ADF&G. Hmmm... possibly some redirected frustration after having every bill that he voted against in the last session pass.

Mr. Josephson needs to do his homework on state predator-prey management programs. The bear removal program in a small portion (540 square miles) of Game Management Unit 19A that Mr. Josephson says is so wrong, reduces bear numbers in less than 1/100th of 1 percent of the state. The reason this technique is being used to increase moose calf survival there, is because it has been quite successful in other areas over the years.

How he can somehow twist logic to suggest that managing bears in one area to benefit the consumptive use of moose is incompatible with managing bear in other areas for viewing, is mind boggling. The department has very successfully managed for both the consumptive and non-consumptive use of wildlife throughout the state for many years. Must be time to start working at getting re-elected. Not all District 15 residents oppose consumptive use of wildlife.

— Jim Lieb