Great-grandmother in Mt. View attacks dies

Michelle Theriault Boots

The elderly victim of an attack that killed her daughter and son-in-law in last month died Monday, her family said.

Sreap Yan died Monday morning at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, said her great-grandson's wife Minesoreta Seng.

She was in her early 90s, according to family members.

Yan was in the family's North Bragaw Street apartment in Mountain View on May 25 when, police say, Jerry Andrew Active, 24, came in through a window. He's charged with killing Touch Chea, 73, and Yan's daughter Sorn Sreap, 71, and sexually assaulting Sreap, Yan and her two-year-old great-great-granddaughter.

Yan's sexual assault was not included in the initial charges because the results of a forensic exam had not yet been collected and Yan wasn't able to communicate what happened to police due to dementia, said Assistant District Attorney Clint Campion. A grand jury handed up charges against Active last Monday that included the third assault.

Yan's health has failed in the two weeks since the attacks, said family friend Hank Moth.

She was hospitalized and later suffered a serious stroke. Doctors hadn't expected her to recover.

Campion said prosecutors are waiting to review an autopsy and medical reports to determine what role, if any, the attack played in Yan's death.

"It's possible that the death is as a result of Mr. Active's conduct," he said. "It's too early for us to say anything because we just don't know."

Yan had lived with her daughter for many years since emigrating from Cambodia sometime in the 1980s, Moth said. Family members are working on funeral arrangements.

"It's just heartbreaking to have one go right after the others," Moth said.

Active remains in jail. His bail has been set at $1.5 million.



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