Letter: All involved should be ashamed of what was done to UAA’s Cobb

Demanding the employment termination of Dr. Steve Cobb was myopic to say the least. If this is how UA President Pat Gamble treats a 13-year dedicated, and loyal professional, then all UAA employees, staff and faculty alike, should be concerned about Gamble’s ethics and loyalty to his employees.

The Faculty Senate should take a vote of no-confidence on President Gamble. Pure politics is the culprit in this shameful overreach of authority. Apparently lobbyist Ashley Reed has Gov. Parnell in his hip pocket. What are Reed’s qualifications to pass judgment on Dr. Cobb’s employment?

As for ADN’s role, Doyle Woody should be writing for a national publication, like The National Enquirer. 

I hope the NCAA does an investigation into the role outside interests play in UA’s athletic programs. Win or lose, I’ve been a loyal UAA hockey fan for the last 15 years and I’m ashamed of what’s been wrongfully done to Dr. Cobb. You won’t see me at any more games after this contemptible act.

— Mike Edwards