Letter: A day to celebrate our banner

This Friday is Flag Day. A holiday that goes mostly unnoticed by many. I am glad it is an official holiday. It is how we celebrate our banner of these United States. Whether at a base in Afghanistan, an Embassy in France, or a McDonalds off Main Street it means the same thing: People of the United States live and work here.  

It is important to remember unity during this time of disagreement and partisanship. It is a chance to celebrate our freedoms, enjoy our neighbors and celebrate our unity. If we do not take time for this we will become embittered and fall into dysfunction. No agendas to push, just celebrate being one unified nation.

The Sons of the American Revolution, Alaska Society will be starting a new program to recognize individuals, companies and government agencies that fly the United States flag solely for patriotic purposes. So fly your flag proudly and with the respect and honor that is deserved.  We hope to visit you soon.

E pluribus unum.

— Bill Kupchin, flag chairman,

Sons of the American Revolution, Alaska Society

Eagle River