Letter: Don’t change parties after election

I have been reading for quite awhile now about Lindsay Holmes changing from a Democrat to a Republican after arriving in Juneau to give herself a chance to get a committee she really wanted to be on.

In the Mat-Su a number of years ago, we sent. Curtis Menard down to Juneau as a Republican and he came home as a Democrat. Now, to defend him some, I will say he represented the Mat-Su no matter what party he was with, as I think Lindsay Holmes is doing for the territory she ran in.

I don’t believe in recalling anyone because it is a waste of time and money for special elections. 

I do wish someone would come up with a way to prevent people from changing parties during their term in office. If they are running again and want to change so be it, but do not change horses in the middle of the stream.

— Millie Wickham